Thriving Germantown Community HUB
A Multi Sector, Multi-Generational Care Coordination Initiative

Thriving Germantown (TG) Community HUB provides an integrated response to the increasing economic and social disparities found in Germantown, MD. Project priorities are to mitigate the negative social determinants of health and wellness, educational success and social outcomes, and to particularly address adverse childhood experiences. 

The Community HUB acts as a central clearinghouse that assesses and tracks individual and family risk factors and establishes pathways for achieving measurable outcomes.  The HUB has a three areas of focus: Service Linkage, Resource Development, and Community Empowerment.

How is the Thriving Germantown Program designed?

Family Service Coordinators (FSC)  provide comprehensive family risk assessments and develop intervention plans within a "pathways" model, offering concrete steps toward problem resolution and resource linkage.  Each FSC provides intensive casework and case management services, which includes the following:
  • Home visits
  • Regular follow-up with the child and their family
  • Outreach
  • Advocacy with community resources
FSC's build trusting, culturally respectful relationships in environments where families are most comfortable.  The FSC's identify needed services, prepare and refer families to additional resources with concrete action steps, problem solve with families to overcome any barriers which may hinder the ability to access referrals, and connect families to the appropriate resources with consistent and routine follow-up.

Each FSC specializes in a specific risk area, which includes: Early Care & Education, Health & Wellness, Behavioral Health, and Household Sustainability (Economic Sustainability and Emergency Assistance).

Pathways Model:
 Adult Education Behavioral Referral 
 Employment Developmental Screening
Health Insurance Developmental Referral
Housing Education
Medical Home Family Planning
Medical Referral Immunization Screening
Medication Assessment  Immunization Referral
Medication Management Lead Screening
Smoking Cessation Pregnancy
Social Service Referral Postpartum

What are the eligibility requirements?
  • Services are available to all students and their families who are currently enrolled at James E. Daly Elementary School in Germantown, MD 
How can I get a referral to the Thriving Germantown Program?

Parents and/or legal guardians who have children that attend Captain James E. Daly Elementary School in Germantown, MD can call 240-565-8322 to refer themselves to the program.

Do you work with other Community Organizations?

The Thriving Germantown HUB routinely works with partner agencies and organizations throughout the community to provide services and ensure the success of the program.  The three main program outcomes are to 1). Improve Health & Wellness Outcomes 2) Ensure Safe, Stable & Nurturing Environments for Children & Families, and 3) Improve Academic Achievement.  

Partnering community agencies and/or organizations include, but are not limited to, the following: Adventist Healthcare, Aspire Counseling, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, EveryMind, Germantown Alliance, Germantown Coalition, Germantown Help, Holy Cross Health, Identity, Insitute for Public Health Innovation, Interfaith Works, Manna Food, MobileMed,  Montgomery County Department of Health & Human Services, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Primary Care Coalition,  A Wider Circle, Women Who Care Ministries, Worksource Montgomery

Our Community Partners

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