Our School-Based Services programs include a broad spectrum of culturally sensitive prevention and early intervention- oriented services designed to support improved social-emotional learning, behavior, and academic motivation for students through a safe, accessible environment. Our programs provide comprehensive assessments, case management, youth development programs, mental health counseling and crisis management to students and families that will not only improve the success and well-being of individual students, but will also contribute to a positive school climate and learning environment.

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"GUYS" Youth Mentoring 

Through the provision of mentoring and academic supports at Gaithersburg Middle School, GUYS Youth Mentoring services helps young men find the discipline and confidence to make safe and positive life choices.

Linkages to Learning (LTL) 

A comprehensive array of school-based mental health services is provided in six elementary and two middle schools in Montgomery County. Services include individual, family and group therapy; psychiatric assessment and intervention; case management; and, prevention/early intervention services.

Regional Youth Service Centers 

Prevention and early intervention youth and family services are offered in the upper areas of Montgomery County providing evidence-based services to strengthen individual and family resiliency through our "Youth Service Bureaus" and centers.

Thriving Germantown 

A multi-generational, multi-sector care coordination initiative developed to alleviate poverty in the Germantown area starting with the Captain James. E. Daly Elementary School Community. Services specialize in risk area such as early care and education, health and wellness, behavioral health, and household sustainability for all students and their families enrolled at Daly Elementary School.