Rehabilitative Services in Prince George's County

The Independence Program serves individuals with persistent and serious mental illness, who have exhibited numerous periods of psychiatric hospitalization, and who lack sufficient financial and/or personal resources to obtain rehabilitation and recovery. As part of Maryland’s Public Health System, the Independence Program offers an array of vertically integrated supportive and rehabilitative services throughout Prince George’s County for adults, 18 years and older, with psychiatric challenges. We encourage and help individuals to establish stabilized housing, enhance relationships, to find and improve employment opportunities and to become viable members of their communities.

Program Services

The program provides an individualized recovery regimen to assist clients in their home, personal relationships, daily work and life routines, and continued independence. The program is able to assist with this process by focusing on four key areas of development.

  • Living - Helping to obtain and maintain independent and supportive housing through our Residential Rehabilitation Program (RRP), while improving personal care, interpersonal relationships, assertiveness skills, healthy choices and more.
  • Learning - Guidance in communication skills, stress and anger management, symptom and medication education, and attending school or other educational programs.
  • Working - Providing hands-on opportunities to develop and practice employment, management and leadership skills.
  • Socializing - Acquainting persons served with their local community through connection with other area resources and organizations, social and recreational opportunities, and other support systems.

For consumers with mental health issues, becoming and remaining independent is an attainable goal, yet an ongoing challenge that may require extra support. For these individuals, services are provided on an individual basis, and are adjusted as needed.


All new referrals come from referral procedures mandated by Prince George’s County Core Service Agency. Family Services, Inc. has maintained effective working relationships with hospital intake coordinators and social workers in the areas of referral and transition to community living.

Our Community Partners