Home-based Parent Support Services

The nationally accredited Healthy Families Montgomery (HFM) is a voluntary home visiting service for first time parents. Participating families have been screened for multiple stressors such as mental health or substance abuse concerns, limited self-sufficiency and the experience of abuse or neglect as a child. Home-based services begin before the baby is born, and continue on a weekly basis for at least six months. Families continue to receive services for up to three years, depending on the nature and severity of their issues. Emphasis is placed on health care, child development, parenting education and support, and family self-sufficiency.

In addition to regular home visits, HFM offers bilingual group activities to reduce social isolation and enhance the knowledge and skills needed for healthy child development.

Healthy Families Montgomery Provides

  • Coaching for positive parent-child interaction
  • Education on infant and toddler development
  • Developmental screenings of infants and children
  • Parenting tips and guidance
  • Assistance with access to medical care
  • Linkages to community resources
  • Services in English and Spanish

Eligibility Requirements

First time parents who live in Montgomery County and who enroll in the program while pregnant may be eligible for services.

Healthy Families Montgomery Community Partners

Private Foundations
Public Funding
In-Kind Donations

Studies have found that Healthy Families Montgomery is helping to reduce child abuse and neglect in the community. Please click the links below to view our reports:

  • Healthy Families Montgomery (HFM) Year 21 Report (July 2016-June 2017)
  • Healthy Families Montgomery (HFM) Year 21 Report (July 2016-June 2017)

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