What is a Health Home ?

Your Health Home is not a building or a place of residence. It’s an approach to care that provides you with a team of caring professionals working together to improve your overall health and wellness.

This is your chance to play a big role in your health care and gain healthier results related to your medical and mental conditions.

What are the benefits of participating in a Health Home?

  • We will meet with you to provide comprehensive care management services based on your physical and mental health needs.
  • We will help to facilitate open communication between you and your Primary Care Physician.
  • We will work with you to incorporate specific goals into your individualized care plan.
  • We will monitor your health status and progress towards your care plan goals.

Who is eligible?

Health Homes are for people with Medicaid who:

  • Have 2 or more chronic conditions
  • Have one chronic condition and are at risk for a second
  • Have one serious and persistent mental health condition
  • Are willing to see the Nurse Care Manager twice a month.

Chronic conditions include mental health, substance abuse, asthma, diabetes, heart disease and being overweight. Additional chronic conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, may be considered by CMS approval.

What is the cost?

There is NO cost to you!

Care Specialists Will Help By...

  • Going over your doctor’s plan for your health;
  • Making follow-up appointments;
  • Coordinating your care across all of your doctors and therapists;
  • Referring you to other programs and services.

Nurse Care Managers Will Help By...

  • Meeting with you twice per month
  • Developing and provide wellness and prevention initiatives;
  • Facilitating health education groups;
  • Participating in the development of your initial care plan;
  • Providing training on medical diseases. treatments and medications.

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