• Want to learn how to create a budget and stick to it? 
  • How to open and savings and/or checking account? 
  • Learn how to improve your credit rating?
  • Want to learn how to pay off debt and save for the future?
  • How to protect yourself from identity theft and avoid being a victim of a scam? 

Family Services, Inc. partners with the Gaithersburg Financial Wellness Coalition to offer FREE financial education workshops and individual financial coaching in English and Spanish within the Gaithersburg, MD community.

What is the Gaithersburg Financial Wellness Coalition?

The Gaithersburg Financial Wellness Coalition is a diverse group of professionals that include federal, state and local agencies, non-profits, schools and businesses. The coalition generates success in the face of many obstacles in reaching our target community. The coalition provides access to low cost accounts, budgeting help, financial and credit education and counseling, vocational coaching, and summer youth employment and housing counseling. Bank On Gaithersburg creates space for financial professionals to share their expertise with service providers. In turn, the coalition partners provide assistance on how to best serve Bank On clients. It is a finely developed and productive alliance, and the award-winning programming is a reflection of this joint effort.

What is Bank On Gaithersburg?

Bank On Gaithersburg provides a path to mainstream banking for every resident. Bank On can help you open a free basic checking account and/or savings account at one of the participating banks or credit unions. In addition to helping you open an account, Bank On has programs to help you stay on budget, manage a checking account, improve a credit rating, pay off debt and save for the future.  

Want to partner with Bank On Gaithersburg? Bank On Gaithersburg invites local community organizations and financial institutions to become a partner. With your help, all Gaithersburg residents can gain access to free or low cost bank accounts and take steps toward financial freedom.  To find out more, please contact the City of Gaithersburg Bank On Gaithersburg at 301-258-6395 or bankon@gaithersburgmd.gov

It's Safe, It's Free, It's Convenient

We want you to have all the tools you need to get the most out of your new account and start saving for the future. We’ve partnered with the Gaithersburg Financial Wellness Coalition, local nonprofit organizations,  financial institutions, etc. to offer you a wealth of financial education classes and individual financial coaching. You can take a class at a community organization near you.

The Gaithersburg Financial Wellness Coalition offers monthly financial workshops in Gaithersburg that focus on basic banking, spending plans that work, women and money, financial planning, and more. Join us to learn how to better manage your finances.

Our Community Partners

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