How Much Do Our Families Love Watch Me Grow? Check Out the Latest Responses Received from our June 2016 Parent Satisfaction Survey...

Image of a mother bringing her child to the Watch Me Grow program
"The teachers and support staff have been very responsive and professional."

"Watch Me Grow has the best staff who genuinely care about my kids and it shows in the achievements that my child has made socially and academically."

"The level of learning going on in all classrooms at Watch Me Grow is super impressive!"

"Engaging with the kids to help them learn and develop individually as well as engaging with the parents so they don't feel left out.  You guys add a personal touch that is not found in other organizations."

"WMG provides a clean, safe environment for kids to learn and play.  From my perspective, it's the teachers and staff who really make a great Child Development Center great, WMG certainly has that."

"As you can see, happy children make happy parents and I cannot thank you enough for your dedication to WMG and the early childhood education field."

"At Watch Me Grow, our mini family feels that we are part of a big family…"

"We did not realize that the time has passed so quickly. There was still fresh memory that the first day when Will attended Watch Me Grow. By the end of this month, Will will move to Pre-K and continues his path to become a big boy. Mikela and I really want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in WMG who is giving their passion and love to Will.  Three of us is a "mini" family, but with everyone at WMG, we feel that a big family is around us and gives us so much fun and warmth. In the end, we send best wishes to WMG and hope that more and more kids enjoy their childhood in this warmest place. 

- JJ and Mikela shen

"We enthusiastically recommend Watch Me Grow…"

"We found Watch Me Grow shortly after it opened in 2009 and enrolled our then 18 month old. Our son has been at Watch Me Grow since then and will be graduating from the Butterflies room this June 2013 and going to Kindergarten next year. Throughout the years we have appreciated both the professionalism of the staff and the high frequency of parent communication through emails, conferences, newsletters and calendars. We are especially impressed with the high quality of education for all ages and the focus on the needs and preparation of the children for grade school. The center is highly attuned to not only the edification of children through keeping with Montgomery County educational standards, but also their safety and well being. We enthusiastically recommend Watch Me Grow to anyone and everyone we meet looking for child care."

- brian and andrea stephenson

"They want every child to succeed…"

"We have had the wonderful experience of working with teachers from every room with both our daughters attending Watch Me Grow. The personal attention and detail given to each child is amazing. They want every child to succeed beyond your expectations. The office staff is always available with open ears and open arms and this is why we always recommend WMG to our friends."

- Han and Megan Nguyen

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