In 2007, Creative Family Projects, LLC was created to identify problems and provide solutions by synthesizing information from organizations, institutions and corporations into booklets and training modules for the benefit of children, youth and families.

Our efforts address the impact of trauma on children by encouraging and inspiring open and honest dialogue by all stakeholders; addressing children's concerns and feelings; and educating professionals about issues related to children and families.  Booklets and presentations act as catalysts for awareness and change



Children, who are victims of their parent's crimes, are often afraid and confused by the changes in their own lives.  Their questions and deeply felt concerns are not always addressed.  A 16-page booklet, MOMMIES AND DADDIES IN JAIL available in English and Spanish, clearly and concisely addresses this issue.  A scenario about a child who witnesses the arrest of a parent is followed by questions that are asked by the child and answered throughout the process from arrest to incarceration.  It is designed to be ordered by an agency, organization, or sponsor and offered as a free publication.

Since 2007, over 7,000 booklets have been distributed to schools; correctional facilities throughout Maryland, Florida, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Iowa; mental health agencies; health and human services; parole and probation officers; the court; legislators; and directors of corporations.  The booklet encourages children to make comments and ask questions, while addressing their needs and concerns.

In addition, the booklet gives inmates, at a loss about what to tell their children, a guide to explain what happened.  The booklet helps parents/caregivers provide honest explanations, explain the reality of jail, and encourage the child to express thoughts and feelings.  After presentations, teachers, counselors and psychologists become more sensitive to the parent's situation and help children improve attention, learning and behavior in school.  Availability at public libraries, jail lobbies and waiting rooms of support professionals allows anyone to pick up a copy and avoid the stigma of revealing this painful and difficult situation.

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This reentry booklet is designed for children with an incarcerated parent, their families, and the professionals who serve them.  The booklet is a project for Maryland's Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation.

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