Intensive In-Home, Child Stabilization Services

Care and Connections for Families (CCF) is a service to youth (ages 6 to 18) and their families who seek stabilization and support after a youth has experienced a mental health crisis. This program is designed to provide short-term intensive in-home mental health services as well as connection to longer-term services to ensure long-term stabilization. Parents and caregivers will work together with their youth, their therapist, and their in-home stabilizers to construct a plan toward resilience and recovery.

Services provided to the family will include:

Comprehensive needs assessment, safety planning, and goal-setting

At the first session, the CCF team will work with the family unit to complete a detailed and holistic needs assessment in order to ensure safety.  The CCF team will gather information, both on what precipitated the crisis and also on the family strengths on which to build.  Based on information gathered, the CCF team and the family together will develop goals, which will be worked on during the biweekly or weekly sessions.

Development of coping strategies and communication skills

The primary goal of the CCF team will be to help the family develop new coping strategies and communication skills and help guide the family toward new ways to manage stress to replace self-harm, harm to others, poor decision making, and other self-destructive behaviors, as well as the development of effective communication skills. The family will be asked to implement and practice new strategies with the help of the therapist and in-home stabilizers.

Increase socialization and support systems

 The CCF team will assist the families by ensuring that friends, extended family, neighbors, clergy, teachers and coaches are mobilized to keep contact with the family.

School-based consultations and academic support

The CCF team will ensure that the youth are stable in school as well as home by engaging with school staff in a team approach.  Services in the school may include: coaching on appropriate behavior, classroom observations, shadowing to ensure safety, consultations with teachers and other school staff, behavioral support in the classroom.

Psychiatric assessment and medication management

Care & Connections for Families is part of Family Services, Inc., which operates an outpatient mental health clinic. Psychiatric evaluations are available for clients as needed, if they do not have a psychiatric provider.

24-hour crisis services

The CCF team offers 24/7 phone crisis services to families enrolled in the program, staffed by a mental health therapist and/or in-home stabilizer or other psychiatric backup as needed.  The immediate risk level is assessed by the CCF team and the appropriate level of response is determined.

Youth development

The Care & Connections team will help youth clients engage in various youth development services as needed. EXAMPLES:  *Anger management, *Bullying prevention, *After-school programs *Self-Advocacy *Assimilation/Acculturation 

To be assessed for the program, please contact the Crisis Center at 240-777-4000.  Potential clients must have a willingness to engage in intensive services and be eligible through the Public Mental Health System (Medicaid) or be uninsured.

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