OnTrack Improves Client Outcomes in Maryland School Programs


At the 22nd Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health, Beacon and a provider group presented the results of a two-year pilot project using Beacon's On Track Outcomes program in nine school-based mental health programs in Maryland.

Sonny Phipps, Beacon's Program Manager in Healthcare Economics, leads efforts for the On Track Outcomes program.  He presented along with Family Services Inc.'s Dr. Larry Epp, Director of School Mental Health Services and Linkages to Learning Program, and Scott Birdsong, Strategic Partnerships and Grants Officer.  On Track uses an evidence-based practice known as feedback-informed treatment, which gives clinicians real-time data on how much their clients are improving, offers sophisticated predictive analytics, and provides suggestions on how to improve treatment.

Family Services began using On Track in a pilot over the 2014-2015 school year.  They found that 84 percent of students were significantly or somewhat improved over the course of the school year.  A client satisfaction survey found that, in the first two years, over 90 percent of students were helped by treatment and experienced improved behavior in the classroom.

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