Children to Benefit from New Visitation Center


Montgomery County is hoping to heal families and possibly save lives with the opening of the Safe Passage Center for supervised visitation and monitored exchange.

Problems between parents is always painful, but officials at the Safe Passage Center have seen family conflict become fatal far too often.


"Since 2007, there have been 35 children that have been killed in intimate partner violence,” said Safe Passage Center Program Manager Karen Mull.


That's why they're thrilled to have the center open, which places safety and security as a top priority.


"We have separate parking lots, separate entrances, separate waiting rooms for the two parents. We also have cameras in the hallways that are linked directly to the sheriffs department," said Mull.


Some of the clients of the facility includes victims of domestic abuse who would have no other safe options.


That is why each visiting room has been carefully laid out with entertainment and toys, set up for families of all the counties diverse backgrounds to enjoy.


Each court ordered family session is overseen by an observer who takes notes for legal purposes if needed.


Officials at the safe passage center said they expect to hold about 180 supervised visits per month and can do two monitored exchanges every 15 minutes.

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