At Family Services, Inc., we are honored to serve people across all stages of life throughout Montgomery County, Prince George's County and the state of Maryland. We're excited to share with you the letters of gratitude that have been sent to us. 

Has one of Family Services' programs made a difference in your life?

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Family Services, Inc.
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"Thank You For Never Giving Up On Us"

Because of you, my daughters and I can smile again... Because of you, my daughters and I can live again... Because of you, we have found hope and more inspiration to live again... I just wanted to take the time out to say Thank You for never giving up on us. 

-Former Resident at the Betty Ann Krahnke Center (BAK)

"We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to you for welcoming us into the BAK family"

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we would like to express our thanks and gratitude to you for welcoming us into the BAK family.  While we are moving on, please do not hesitate to invite us back to share our journey with other residents or prospective donors.  Your kindness, humor, listening ear, and guidance were greatly appreciated.  We will remember you and the wonderful partnership that you have with women and children on the path to a better tomorrow.  In the words of Evangeline Booth, may you continue to "do the most good, to the most people, in the most need."

Thank you for your expertise, compassion and elegance.  You lead a phenomenal team of women.  My soul was refreshed and sustained during my stay.  Rich blessings upon you and BAK!

-Former Resident at the Betty Ann Krahnke Center (BAK)

"I trust her."

[The Outpatient Mental Health Clinic] helped me be able to talk my issues out, and be more outspoken with certain people, like my dad.  It’s helped me work on being able to be a better mother to my son.  Dr. Ackerman, she’s very straight to the point, very helpful, and has made me realize I do have depression and anxiety.  She has helped me work on that.  I trust her.  She already sees my son, and I feel comfortable being able to see her too.  I’ve had a lot of stuff go on in my life, so I don’t trust people much.  And when Claudia came to Family Services, and I started to see her, she has gotten me to open up about a lot of stuff that I‘ve had issues with throughout my life.  She is one great therapist.  I really request that she never leave!  She’s very good with working with my son as well.  It’s better to let stuff out then hold it in. 


"I have…gone back to a life of health and reformation."

I would like to say that my experience with Home Healthcare has been very rewarding and enriching in the sense that I had to put aside how important it is to seek proper health care information.  Your [Family Services] facilitators have been very informative and professional.  I have as a result gone back to a life of health and reformation.  I look forward to a committed future with Home Healthcare. 

-Thomas Edwards

"I am so grateful for the kindness you have shown me."

Buenas tardes,
Thank you and Family Services so much for the wonderful bassinet and cloths. I am so grateful for the kindness you have shown me. I was really overwhelmed with despair over not being prepared for my son's birth. I literally had nothing and was even about to lose the place where I was renting. 

My son was born early, on December 28th. I am so blessed he was born healthy at 5lbs. and 18 inches long. It's been three weeks since his birth and I am happy to say he is growing healthy. He is now 7lbs. and 20 inches long. I am also blessed to be able to return to work the first week of March. 

I'm so grateful for the many blessings. I hope to be seeing you soon. I have no internet at home and all my time has been spent indoors at home, especially with this weather. 

Thank you again and God bless you,

-Kayde M.

"All the people there are ready to help."

Hello, actually I just wanted to say thank you for having this office [Neighborhood Opportunity Network/Gaithersburg]. I recently went there and don't know yet if they will be able to help me with what I need, but I can definitely say that they are really helpful. All the people there are ready to help. I don't think I have been to another office where they have been as helpful as that of Family Service office on Girard St. I think that office and all the staff will help a lot of people in our community and all I can say is thank you. And hope it stays for a long time!!!!! Once again thank you !!!!!! 


-Adriana V.