Help Us Reach, Enable and Empower Those At Risk!

Family Services, a part of the Sheppard Pratt Health System, is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community organization which has offered services to help families in difficulty for over 100 years.

Last year Family Services reached more than 12,000 families throughout Montgomery and Prince George's County communities. Our programs and services for the community involve every aspect of our clients’ lives helping with Clinical Services, Community Services, Early Childhood Services and Residential and Rehabilitation Services. We are committed and promise to make a long-lasting impact for our most vulnerable families.

Your gift will make it possible for us to reach at risk households and bring help to those in need. Our programs and services protect children from the harm associated with child abuse and neglect, promote healthy child development, partner with parents to help increase their knowledge and participation in their child’s education, enable children from diverse backgrounds to come to school ready to learn, empower individuals with mental illness to live healthy and productive lives, and provides safety for women and their children from domestic violence.

As long as there are people whose lives can be improved with support and collaborative programs, we will be here for them. Your gifts will allow Family Services to continue to provide critical services to the most vulnerable in our community.

$25 Can provide 1 weeks' worth of diapers for a child in need
$50 Can help train new mothers at risk how to take care of their newborns
$100 Will provide mental health screenings to identify kids who are experiencing depression and/or anxiety to get them the help they need
$150 Will provide a month of activities for 75 at risk toddlers who are socially isolated
$200 Can provide one night's refuge to a woman and her children in the Betty Ann Krahnke Domestic Violence Shelter
$300 Can provide a financial literacy training for a family to provide a way to financial security
$500 Can provide group support services for veterans and their children coping with the challenge of adjusting to life after being in combat
$1,000 Can provide a full year of case management for a student with social service and/or behavioral health need
Please partner with us - your generous contributions will make it possible to provide essential services to thousands of your community neighbors who are in need!  Thank you!